it is good having a girlfriend called Ruby bcos u can make all the best jokes like

  • "well aren’t u just a pRECIOUS GEM"
  • u can sing that fucking awful KaISER CHIEFS song 2 her always
  • "Roobius Pip"
  • "Pokemon omegAD RUBY"
  • in skyrim u can find a flawless ruby and go “look bae i found u”
  • "is it short for Rubella bcos ur making me irritated and itchy"

all these smooth jokes can be made and i can assure u she loVES them all

this is what i have to deal with




My sorry attempt at making a gif set of our completely unrehearsed fight.  Please forgive how makeshift this is - I only make the dresses, I don’t know from the internets.

Dresses and props by me Datura Riot (Lady Winter Soldier)

Lady Captain America is Adventures of Bucky Bear

The full video is here if you want to see it.

Our fight! If it really looks like I’m being punched in the face….. ACTING! Thank yoooooou!